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Welcome Message

Welcome to Whispering Pines

where the Western Winds of Britannia blow you towards adventure!

Whispering Pines is a fun, family oriented Ultima Online free to play shard. Kids are welcome if properly supervised. We are a Consensual PvP shard. You start our as PvM but may opt in and out of the PvP system. PvM players will not be disrupted by the PvP players. You will find our staff to be friendly and professional.  We strive to be a balanced shard, with challenges for both new players and experienced vets.  We have great players who are eager to help new players get started on the right foot.  We are not, however, a "gimmie gimmie" shard.  You will be expected to earn your way here, as all players before you have done.

The address for shard login is wpshard.com and port is 2593.

Our dedicated server runs a CUSTOM CLIENT 
Downloading our custom client using the BOLD GREEN text above will allow you to log in.

Our "Easy Start" professions remove much of the training drudgery, as they set all your skills to 70, and 6 of them to 100 (based on individual profession). Once in-game, you will be able to choose from the following Professions: Magic, Warrior, Ranger/Tamer, Crafter, or for more of a challenge, No Bonuses. Don't worry, there will be tons of challenges if you use the "Easy Start" professions.  There is no skill cap, so you are free to train everything or anything you like. The stat cap is 325, but 365 is possible with stat scrolls.
Please read the History and Rules section of this website. The history will give you valuable background on Whispering Pines, and the rules explain what we expect from our players. Our Forums contain many posts explaining how to start your character and detail many things you will find in-game.  The Commands section lists most of the available in-game player commands.
We look forward to adventuring with you!
-The Staff of WP

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