Shard Players
his page shows the overall players.

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  Total Players: 936  Total Public Players: 898
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a Free Bird a Free Bird, Expert Wrestler
a lazy panda The Noble a lazy panda, Grandmaster Ranger
Aamadeo The Admirable Aamadeo, Expert Alchemist
Abacinate The Illustrious Abacinate, Expert Alchemist
Abadon The Dread Lord Abadon: Spite of Evil, Legendary Mage
Abigail Darkmore The Illustrious Abigail Darkmore, Grandmaster Alchemist
Acacia Malicious Acacia Malicious, Expert Alchemist
Ademar Ademar, Expert Alchemist
Adira The Illustrious Adira, Elder Tamer
Adkin The Despicable Adkin, Expert Alchemist
Aelish The Evil Aelish, Grandmaster Ranger
Aeryn Sun The Illustrious Aeryn Sun, Expert Alchemist
Aidan Flynn The Illustrious Lady Aidan Flynn, Elder Ranger
Akrin Steele The Kind Akrin Steele, Grandmaster Warrior
Alcyone Alcyone, Expert Alchemist
Alegur Thatain The Notable Alegur Thatain, Expert Alchemist
Alessandra Alessandra, Expert Alchemist
Allisteria Allisteria, Expert Alchemist
Alma The Glorious Lady Alma, Legendary Archer
Alora Rain The Dread Alora Rain, Grandmaster Warrior
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