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WP Philosophy

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:12 pm
by GhostRiderGrey

The Philosophy of Whispering Pines.....or...... "Why we do what we do.
Whispering Pines is designed as a fun, family oriented Ultima Online free to play shard, open to all play styles. WP was created as a place where we (the creators) would like to play. Some have commented that we have made it too hard, others, too easy. The upshot of this is that everyone has different skill levels, tolerances and abilities and, because of this, we will never please everyone. We do listen to player input and tweak where appropriate. As such, WP is always evolving and developing. Come give us a try, and see if you fit in with our community.

We strive to be a balanced shard, with challenges for both new players and experienced vets. We have great players who all strive to help new players get started on the right foot. We are not, however, a "gimmie gimmie" shard. You will be expected to earn your way here, as all players before you have done. Think if it as a "Hand Up" rather than a "Hand Out". Help in WP is, more often than not, given when it is asked for.

Keep in mind that some of the villains in WP are advanced fights. If you are relatively new and wish to tackle these, get a group together or ask for the assistance of some of the veteran players. We have tried to create a variety of challenges both for the newer player and the veteran to keep all parties interested and busy. As a newer player, there will be things that you just cannot do in WP (yet!). This is no different than in other MMORPGs. In World of Warcraft, for example, you cannot do the most difficult dungeon your first week as a character. WP is no different. Please keep that in mind. If you don't know if a fight will be too difficult, ask either a vet player or a staff member.

Some monsters do not drop their "special item" every time they are killed. Sometimes they must be killed several time to get the drop. Some monsters drop from a table of possible items, while others may only have 1 "special" item. This is done to create additional opportunities for gameplay.

Just as some of the villains in WP are advanced fights, some of the items/things in WP are also advanced. You have to work towards them, and will not be able to get them your first day, week or even month here. They are long term goals to be worked towards. Examples of this include the Bio pets, Guardian Spellbook/Spells and the Spellcrafting system.

Pay particular attention to NPCs who give you quests, as many of our quest do not have a quest log. If you weren't paying attention (and taking notes) when they told you the first time, you wont be able to go back and re-read.

The lack of a wiki for WP is not an oversight, but rather a way for players to rediscover the game without a lot of details of how to complete/finish a task or quest. The thought here is to cause more interaction on the shard as knowledge is shared and passed along. That being said, the Forums and History tabs are a great place to search for clues and explanations regarding many of WP's systems and creations.

We are always looking to tweaking things and making changes to improve your experience here. If you are dissatisfied, for heaven's sake, say something!! We cant fix it if we don't know its broken. It might take us a bit to get it tweaked, but more often than not we are willing to make changes. Posting in the forums or emailing to wpwebsite at earthlink dot net are a great way to do this, allowing you as much room as you need to express your concerns.

Bear in mind that all staff are volunteering their time and energies to make WP what it is. We provide it to you free of charge. Donations are nice, but not required or expected.

-The Staff of WP