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WP Donations

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:10 pm
by GhostRiderGrey
Whispering Pines gladly accepts donations to support the operating of the shard. Donations may be made via Paypal using the button on the left side of the HOME screen. You do not need a pre-existing PayPal account to donate, just a valid credit card. The button will take you to the PayPal website, where you may enter the amount you would like to donate to the shard. On that page it will say Whispering Pines GCA at the top of the screen.

As a reward for your donation, you may choose an item(s) from the list below equal to the value of your donation. Please remember that you do not get all the items listed in a particular category. For instance, if you donated $50, you could choose one (1) $50 item, or (2) $20 items and a $10 item. Examples of the donation rewards are available for viewing in-game at the Donation Hall, top floor.

Keep in mind that you are donating for the operating costs of the shard and that donations are non-refundable. The rewards you may choose are just a bonus. If your rewards are lost due to crash, rollback, negligence, or just plain player stupidity (i.e. you threw them away), they will not be replaced.

After you have made your donation, grab a book from the table on the Donation Hall floor (or from the Staff Office in Britain, located just behind and to the North of Britain Bank) and follow its directions. It has a place to enter the following information:

  • The date that the donation was made
  • The amount you donated
  • The PayPal Transaction ID
  • Your REAL name (Full name please)
  • Your account name
  • Your character name
  • List the item(s) you would like for your reward

Turn your book in at the Britain Staff Office. There is a chest there labeled for Donation Books. You must then PAGE for staff to let them know that the book is there and ready for pickup (To page, click Help on your paperdoll, then choose General Question). Remember that pages clear themselves each morning at 3:30am when the shard restarts.

When your donation has been verified, we will come to you with it, or drop it into your bank box. We usually fulfill donations in less than 12 hours. If 24 hours go by and you have not heard from us, please page and ask.

If you think of something you would like to see available as a donation item, submit a suggestion in the forums and we will consider it.

Warning: Making a fraudulent donation will result in an immediate shard ban!

Re: WP Donations

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:25 pm
by GhostRiderGrey

$5 Donation Rewards

  • 10 Amulets of Destruction - each amulet is a powerful hand grenade (think Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch). An amulet is destroyed upon use.
  • 125K Token Check - 125,000 tokens
  • 250K Gold Check - 250,000 gold pieces
  • Item Bless Deed - allows you to bless an item. Blessed items appear in your backpack when you resurrect.
  • [2] 105 Powerscrolls of choice - any (2) 105 level powerscrolls you wish.
  • 110 Powerscroll of choice - any (1) 110 level powerscroll you wish.
  • Elixir Twiggy - This twiggy allows you to pick 1 skill elixir of choice. A skill elixir gives you +1 skill points in that skill [i.e. an Elixir of Poisoning would give you +1 points in poisoning, up to skill cap.] You must choose and use your Elixir Twiggy/Skill Elixir within 15 minutes [no buying them and then selling them on vendors].

$10 Donation Rewards

  • Quiver of Infinite Arrows - makes a bundle of arrows every time you click on it
  • Quiver of Infinite Bolts - makes a bundle of bolts every time you click on it
  • 250K Token Check - 250,000 tokens
  • 500K Gold Check - 500,000 gold pieces
  • Florist's Seed Companion - stores plants seeds and shows limited information on creating different types of plants
  • Add 100 Luck Deed - add 100 luck to a weapon or piece of armor
  • 115 Powerscroll of choice - any (1) 115 level powerscroll you wish

$20 Donation Rewards

  • Mage Armor Deed - add mage armor to a piece of armor. This makes metal non-medable armor medable (i.e. you can cast spells and meditate in it without penalty).
  • Spell Channeling Deed - add spell channeling to a weapon or shield. This means it will stay equpped when you cast spells (i.e. a non spell channeling blade/bow/shield will go into your pack if you cast a mage spell).
  • 1 Million Gold Check - 1,000,000 gold pieces
  • 120 Powerscroll of choice - any (1) 120 level powerscroll you wish
  • Swimming Pool Deco - house decoration (staff will place in or around your house)
  • Ornate Fountain Deco - house decoration (staff will place in or around your house)
  • House to House Gate - Use this gate to link 2 houses together or, for those of you with castles, to gate to the roof. Note that these are different from the House Gates available at the Travel Center for 350 gold, as those only go from the Travel Center to your house.
  • Storage Key - Choose from ONE of the following storage keys: Reagent Key, Jeweler's Key, Potion Key, Smith Key, Tailor Key, Wood Key, Ranger-Tamer Key, Granite and Marble Key, Elixir Key, Champion Skull Key, Tool Box, Runic Tool Box, Scribe's Tome, Treasure Hunter's Storage, Ultimate BOD Book, Ultimate Powerscroll Book, Grocery Basket, Armory, Addon Deed Storage. Pictures and descriptions of keys can be found HERE.
  • House or Yard Pet - A pet for your house or yard (same 10 tile distance restriction as Yard Wand if placed in the yard). Choose from one of the following pets: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Bird, Parrot, Horse, Cow, Bull.

$30 Donation Rewards

  • Item Morph Deed - morphs the graphic of your armor to look like another armor graphic of the same layer (i.e. a crusaders legs could be morphed into a leather skirt (for you ladies). The stats of the first item are kept, the stats of the 2nd item mean nothing, and the 2nd item is completely destroyed).
  • Add 10% LRC Deed - add 10% lower reagent cost (LRC) to a piece of armor
  • Master Keyring - this keyring holds all the custom keys available on the shard (it does not come with the individual keys, you need to craft or buy those)
  • Bank Stone - a non-movable bank stone for your house. Allows you to open your bank box from your home.
  • Bow of the Phoenix - a fireball shooting bow that uses sulfurous ash as its ammunition
  • Personal Hue - a personal hue (similar to a guild hue, but all yours), chosen from the colors in the Guild Hue Hall
  • A Complete Powerscroll Set of choice - a complete set of powerscrolls for any one (1) skill. Set incudes a 105, 110, 115, and 120 PS.

$40 Donation Rewards

  • Personal Twiggy Trainer - a personal trainer for your house
  • Conch Shell [Portable Bank] - a shell you can carry that allows you to open your bank box from anywhere
  • Banker NPC - a personal banker for your house
  • 100 Use Runic Tool of choice - a 100 use runic tool of your choosing
  • Yard Wand - a wand which allows custom yard decoration to be placed in a 10 tile radius around your house (this wand locks onto owner and cannot be used by others)
  • Ancient Tome of Crafting - a tome which allows you to select one of six different pieces of crafting gear. Each piece gives +5 in Blacksmithy, Mining, Tailoring, Carpentry and Tinkering

$50 Donation Rewards

  • +40 Max Stats - adds 40 points to your overall stat cap for strength, dexterity and intelligence (for a total of 365)
  • (5) 120 Powerscrolls - any (5) 120 level powerscrolls you wish
  • 2nd House Deed - allows placement of a second house (or third, or fourth, etc.)
  • +1 Followers Deed - adds one control slot to your max followers (pets/summons)
  • Master Runebook - place up to 51 runebooks inside this one book! Each runebook can be renamed inside the Master Runebook. It is rechargeable with up to 816 recall scrolls.

Thank You for Supporting Whispering Pines!