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WP History and Backstories

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:53 pm
by GhostRiderGrey
A long time ago the world was a magical place. It was ruled by the woodland beings; dryads, satyrs, elves, and such. Humans were scarce. Trees were the guardians of the world, their branches like nimble fingers holding up the sky. The wind would blow through them sending whispers throughout the land. The world was peaceful and serene.

Slowly the human population grew and with it came both good and evil. Humans and elves alike became necromancers, mages, warriors, and craftsmen. The most noble class of them all was the Ranger. A friend to the woodland creatures and an enemy to those who threatened them. Skilled archer and companion with the animals, the ranger was far more than just a man. Where normal ears would hear only the wind, the ranger heard so much more. He could hear the whispers of the trees and the stories they shared. The ranger had a bond with nature that no other could compare. His bow was made of the wood from his tree friends. He used this to protect them from the vilest of all creatures. Not many chose the path of the ranger, for it was not a path of great wealth. They were noble but, poor. They fought to protect nature and its creatures.

However, the evil of the world was too much for this small class of men to fight. As evil grew more rampant the Gods prepared a place for their magical creatures to go. They built a place where pines could whisper and woodland creatures could run and play. This place is still around today, guarded by the noblest class of all, the Rangers. The trees have stories to tell, but they want you to come play first; want you to run around under their branches and through their fallen leaves. Once you've done that, they're more than happy to share their secrets.

Come to Whispering Pines and listen to the winds blow through the trees, telling stories from past and present. Listen as the winds of Britannia blow you toward adventure.

The Order of the Dark Rose

Once an honorable order known as the Order of the Pale Rose, until one Lord of the order sought to become the most powerful Lord in history. He delved deeply into the darker arts, made pacts with with Khaldun and his daemons, and even sacrificed his only child to gain his desires. The entire order was cursed to never again know fame and glory. Chaos and darkness then ruled their world. They became the Order of the Dark Rose and they have returned to Whispering Pines. Beware young warrior, as they are powerful and are not to be taken lightly!!

Whispering Pines Armor

Back in the magical age of Whispering Pines, during the Age of Peace, it is said that the Guardians of Whispering Pines crafted unique armor. This armor was handed down to the friends of the woodland creatures, the Rangers. It is said that somewhere out there, some woodland beings still may carry this special armor. The armor is said to be able to produce items that may assist the wearer.

Crusader Gear

During the age of chaos on Whispering Pines, a noble class of Paladins arose, many of whom were descendants of the Rangers that once protected the woodland beings. Using magic, skilled craftsman, and some of the original Whispering Pines armor that was crafted by the Guardians, the Paladins created a mighty suit of armor. This suit was said to have some of the same kinds of magic that the Whispering Pines armor had. With this Crusader Gear in hand, these Paladins set out on a crusade to turn back the chaos. But the chaos was very widespread, so this group of noble crusaders decided to split up and venture to different parts of the known and unknown world. Alas, not a one of them ever returned from their journey. However, it is said that from time to time, a hardy adventurer has been known to find some of their legendary armor deep within the dungeons of Whispering Pines.


It is rumored that this adorable little creature known as a Twiglet was the Guardian’s attempt to counter Khaldun’s tampering with the Steel Steed. Twiglet is rumored to be so incredibly fast that, to date, only the Whispering Pines staff have been able to catch them. WP Staff have, however, been know to give out Twiglet as a reward to a player who wins a shard event. Should you win one of these prizes, just double click Twiglet and see what he has to offer you!!

Crusty Treasure Chest

Adventurers returning from the darkest depths of the Whispering Pines dungeons have reported the appearance (and disappearance) of a mysterious treasure chest. The Crusty Treasure Chest as it was called was happened upon quite by accident, and sometimes poofed right in front of their very eyes!! Those who managed to approach it were met by a very difficult locking mechanism and a deadly trap. Few have managed to get one open. Those that did have varying accounts of the loot contained within. Some say that they found ordinary loot, some gold or tokens and other random items. Still other report the finding of rares of incredible value!! But alas, the chest would not easily give up its bounty, and the items had to be removed via use of thievery skills. A brave adventurer such as yourself may one day have the opportunity to explore the riches of the Crusty Treasure Chest.

Golden Twiggy

The haggered old man slowly trudges into the bar and sits down on the stool next to yours. You notice his weathered face, well worn clothes, and grizzled look. "Buy me a pint", he says, "and I'll tell you my tale." You buy the pint and he downs it in one giant gulp! "Thanks lad, that hit the spot! Now let me share with you my story. My partner and I have been scouring the deepest reaches of the Whispering Pines dungeons looking for the elusive Crusty Treasure Chests. Found a few we have! Some vanished before our very eyes. Others we were able to defuse and pick open. An occasional rarity and bits of treasure we did find. Yesterday, my partner and I split up to search two different dungeon areas. He did not return at the allotted time, so I went searching for him. Found him I did. Mortally wounded he was, but he managed to gasp out that he had seen a most wonderful treasure!! He claimed he saw a Twiglet made of gold! When he double clicked it, he was given a choice of some wondrous deeds. He chose and applied one, but then the monsters overtook him. He died in my arms, but instilled in me a burning desire to find a Golden Twiggy of my own! I shall resume my quest tomorrow, after some shut-eye tonight." And with that, he was gone.....

Tainted Gear

Shortly after the Crusaders set out to turn back the chaos throughout Whispering Pines, Khaldun himself trapped the lead blacksmith that was involved in forging the Crusader Gear. Khaldun tortured this paladin until his will was completely broken, however the smith still refused to give Khaldun the secrets of the Crusader’s Armor. In a fit of rage, Khaldun slew the paladin. Then, using ancient dark rituals, Khaldun raised the blacksmith from the dead. Even though Khaldun’s dark ritual gave him complete control over the undead paladin, the blacksmith still would speak no secrets. Khaldun then forced the undead Paladin to create armor that was similar to the Crusaders Gear. Equipping many minions with this tainted gear, Khaldun sent them out to destroy the remaining Crusaders. According to records recently unearthed, the war between the Crusaders and the Tainted raged over much of Whispering Pines. Finally it began to appear as if the Crusaders where winning this war. The Tainted, in a desperate struggle for survival, split into small groups and lead members of the Crusaders into various dungeons where neither the Crusaders nor the Tainted ever returned. It is believed that perhaps the Tainted lured the Crusaders inside the depth of dungeons through the lands of Whispering Pines, and with the help of the strong denizens of these dungeons, defeated the Crusaders. It would also appear that in defeat, the Crusaders made sure to take the Tainted to the grave with them.

The Star Hunter

Still covered in blood and gore, Lady Nona Greenmoss slowly pushed through the door of the Prancing Pony Tavern and made her way to the bar. “My Lady!” croaked the barkeep as he slid a tankard of ale towards her, “What evil has befallen ye?”

Lady Greenmoss upended the tankard and drained it in a mighty gulp. Then, as the other tavern patrons began to gather round, she began to relay her tale. “A week ago in Ilshenar, I headed north from the Deuces' Vinculum Inn in search of my fortune. After a spell, I came across a creature I had never encountered before, a Star Hunter. Upon seeing me, it immediately attacked!! After a rather tough fight, I thought I had it whipped, but imagine my surprise when my death stroke merely summoned another vile creature to take its place…… a Human Collector. My strength waning, we battled on. It took everything in me to defeat the collector and when I finally prevailed, a search of its corpse revealed a curious item.” With that, Nona reached into her satchel and flipped the item onto the bar, where it came to rest with a tinkling sound.

The tavern patrons leaned in as Lady Greenmoss said “I have no idea what it is, nor what it does.” With that, a slight chuckle was heard from the far end of the bar. All heads swiveled to the spot where sat Treak Teakwood, elder wizard and often tavern patron, smoking away on his pipe. “You know of this item?” exclaimed Nona. “Indeed I do know something of that item,” said Treak. “That, my dear, is a Star Piece. It is of the old ways, and it is said that if enough of them can be found, and a Star Stone located, that they can be gifted to the stone in return for some wondrous armor!” A hush fell on the crowd as Treak continued. “About one year ago, a traveler wandered through here on a night much like tonight. I bought him a pint, and he regaled me with stories of his travels. Among the many tales he told was of spying a Star Stone, deep in an underground city, I believe. Ancient lore says that the Stone moves around from time to time, so it may or may not still be at the reported location.”

Nodding her head in a knowing way, Nona picked up her Star Piece, and, placing it back in her satchel, said “Thanks Treak, I guess I will just have to seek out this underground city and see it the Star Stone still remains.”

The Banished High Priest

Khaldun created the Steel Steed as a deadly weapon to use against the warriors of Whispering Pines. He never dreamt that someday that weapon would be used against him. Victoriously, the warriors of Whispering Pines used their superior skills to tame the wild beasts and turn the steeds against their former master, Khaldun. So, to counter the warriors and his very own weapon, Khaldun created a monster so deadly, so dangerous, one of his very own high priests opposed him and was banished from the dungeon of Khaldun. This scorned priest moved to the town of Sleepy Hollow to begin his new mission…destroying The Destroyer. The Destroyer is so powerful none of Whispering Pines’ pets can oppose it…to do so is deadly. So, the priest sends warriors on a series of tests to prove they can use their own skills and wits to defeat this dreadful monster.

Fluffy Pink Unicorn

Khaldun has been getting stronger and spreading his evil past his wicked dungeon so, the Gods decided to spread some happiness and cheer to the great citizens of the Pines. It has been rumored that a rarity has been spotted in the forests of Spirituality. Tame it and you will have found yourself a worthy companion....kill it and you may find its head or its horn. Do not let it's name fool you though, the Fluffy Pink Unicorn will put up a wicked fight!

Crumpled Note

A crumpled note found in the mud alongside the road reads: Near the beach where the one-eyed creatures dwell lies a sleeping dragon. Follow his trail and discover the nest where the dragon sleeps. Beware though, for danger lurks around every corner, and thus, this is a place best visited with friends.....

Kretcher the Sea Captain

Kretcher the pirate a Sea Captain was,
Sailing the waters of Britannia because,
Love of the water and smell of the spray,
One thing only could take him away.
Daughter of a sea god and pretty was she,
and thus her father was angered by he.
Flung to the desert a dry doom awaits.
No rest now for Kretcher despite heaven’s gates.
Wandering condemned amongst sands of gold,
No worse fate for a pirate could he behold.
Angered and damned and cursed and hate,
Morphed into a creature which sealed his fate.
A grave you may find if you seek him out,
Along with an anchor if you have your doubt.
Mysterious travel the anchor thus tell,
Sending you speeding a course ending in hell.
Beware if you go for stuck you may be,
and cost you it might for you to be freed.

Tome of Guardian Knowledge

It would be a Shame if you didn't seek out Clairmond in a passage south of the Grove of Love to start this quest.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:28 pm
by GhostRiderGrey

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Re: WP History and Backstories

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by GhostRiderGrey

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